December 19, 2019

To travel we can not take all our belongings in a bag, it would be too uncomfortable, that is why we have suitcases for travelers and again Xiaomihas brought a product that meets all standards, the Xiaomi 20 inch Metal Travel Suitcase is a suitcase for travel of great style and strength, This Suitcase can pack everything you need and it is perfect for traveling and business trip.

Xiaomi comes with the Ultralight Xiaomi 20 inch Metal Travel Suitcase which is made of 100 percent aluminum-magnesium alloy and polyester fit for both men and women. This travel suitcase is durable, strong, solid, scratch-resistant and lightweight. Its plating studs can protect the suitcase from bumping. Great combination of exquisiteness and portability, can stand the test of a longtime journey. The double mechanical coded TSA customs locks keep your belongings safe. It is designed with a four-stage adjustable ergonomic rod, adapting to different users and reducing the rod shaking range.

The suitcase is manufactured with an anodized coating, which is an electrolytic process that increases the natural oxide layer of the suitcase surface. It provides strength without adding weight and protects the suitcase from scratches in addition to corrosion and weather damages. The anodized coating also gives the suitcase its color. Aluminum is endlessly recyclable. It has no limit on the number of times it can be recycled, and only requires 5% of the total energy needed to create it in the first place.

When designing this striking piece, Xiaomi blended classic looks and cutting-edge technology with you in mind, helping you travel smarter. We embraced the understanding that creativity is everywhere, and enabled you to be inspired and creative wherever you are.

The Xiaomi 20 inch Metal Travel Suitcase is not only characterized by being a rugged travel suitcase, it also highlights another factor equal or even more important than the previous one, safety. This is because when we are on a trip, it is very likely that we will carry belongings of great value and it is never too easy to protect them until we feel calm. That is why our suitcase will have a pair of locks that are located at each end, they operate through a combination of numbers from 0 to 9 and also by a key, both mechanisms are incredibly reliable, so we will feel 100% sure that the content of it is fully protected.

The Xiaomi 20 inch Metal Travel Suitcase is a suitcase that looks like an ideal complement for all users who enjoy going out to see the world. It is made of metal on the outside while on the inside it has a presentation in polyester. Although this is not all, since we can still improve the bet, this is because it offers us a pair of locks to delight us with greater security, an essential requirement when we are traveling. In conclusion, this suitcase will be a marvel when it comes to travel, especially for its incredible price.


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